Procurement contracts
Benefits resulting from entering into procurement contracts with us involve a higher price for contract rapeseed. In previous years, it was possible to get PLN 20-80 more for rapeseed in our branches than on the free market depending on the day of sales.

Trade contracts
Sales of rapeseed within trade contracts guarantee permanent prices during the harvest regardless of price fluctuations on the market. With the sales of a larger batch of goods – individual pricing conditions.

Purchase contracts
We cooperate with numerous entities which purchase rapeseed during the harvest. In our offer we have two kinds of contracts:
 Purchase of rapeseed on our behalf for Best Oil
Purchase of rapeseed on behalf and for Best Oil

Contracts for purchasing entities involve commission for the receipt and release, as well as for storing rapeseed. Short terms of payment allow to finance purchase of rapeseed for ourselves without the involvement of our own funds.