Post-extraction rapeseed meal

Fodder component is obtained as a result of pressing oil from rapeseeds. It is then subjected to the process of constant extraction by organic solvents (mainly hexane) – therefore the name: “post-extraction”. Rapeseed meal is by many people mistakenly perceived as a by-product in the process of producing rapeseed oil. In reality, it is a wholesome commodity which due to its high protein content is commonly used in feeding animals.

Rapeseed meal produced by Best Oil Sp. z o.o. is characterized by the highest quality confirmed by a certificate of authorization issued with each batch of rapeseed meal which leaves the premises of the factory. Paying attention to maintaining the highest levels of quality, we subjected ourselves to norms imposed by the GMP+ Standard. It includes both the production premises, as well as the means of transport, which are used to deliver our products on the DAP basis to a defined location. As a result we offer deliveries directly to the location appointed by the recipient within the GMP+ chain.

Rapeseed meal offered by Best Oil Sp. z o.o. is free of Salmonella. It is a result of the fact that the company constantly pursue to offer products of the highest standards regarding both quality and health.


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